Could future devices read images from our brains?

As an expert on cutting-edge digital displays, Mary Lou Jepsen studies how to show our most creative ideas on screens. And as a brain surgery patient herself, she is driven to know more about the neural activity that underlies invention, creativity, thought. She meshes these two passions in a rather mind-blowing talk on two cutting-edge brain studies that might point to a new frontier in understanding how (and what) we think.

See this TED Show for her insights

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EU Referendum

UK Flag

UK Flag

With the vote on staying in the EU only a little way off, my view is that we should leave.

The Government has tried to frighten us into voting in, with veiled threats and almost bullying tactics.

How many times have they lied to us? or worse put British people out of work by giving contacts to European workers or even further afield.

The Miners

British Steel




Why trust them now?

Look at the support they gave to the persecution of the families of the 96 people killed at Hillsborough.

When the suspected pedophile ring in the Houses of Parliment was outed, the only records that could have cleared up the issue vanished.

What they are scheming or know will happen won’t be announced until after the vote. The end of our armed forces, to be replaced by a Euro army has been mentioned. SOS!!




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For the Cyclists

Here is a link to the rules that specifically cover you on the road. READ THEM!

by the way the rest of the Highway Code is relevant also

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Dire consequences?

UK Flag

UK Flag

With the vote on Scottish independence only 24 hours away, in 2 days the whole history of the UK could be wiped away.

Forget the Pound, Oil and immigration issues, a part of the whole of the UK  could have vanished, along with it democracy will die.

Should the split occur, then in England the Conservatives will have a hold on Parliament like no other and probably for the next 15 years we will have the same Government.

This is as frightening for them as it is for us, they will have to deal with the economic crises that will undoubtedly occur with he loss of our brothers/sisters and cousins north of the border.

Of course on a personal note; I wonder what will happen to tax on a decent Scottish Whiskey, will we be having booze drives north of the border, like we have booze cruises from Dover to Calais?

The future today is uncertain, but I believe that losing a valued part of the UK is not the way ahead.

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Car Cyclist Accident

Car Cyclist Accident

Having watched the hilarious skit by the Top Gear team and having had a run in with a cyclist last year, I think it is about time cyclists were forced to have insurance. More high profile prosecutions of cyclists who just do not follow the law. Many cyclists seem to think the Highway Code  does not apply to them and that traffic lights and roundabouts are just for vehicles.

I ended up in the wrong after a cyclist came up the inside of me on a busy roundabout and managed to then put themselves just on the front corner of my car just as I pulled away. Crash!! who’s the idiot???

Working in London and having been a cyclist and motor cyclist for many years I follow the Highway Code and surprise no accidents.

Cyclists I know some of you are good, but it’s the bad ones that let you down, take action now and point these people at before they die or ignorance.


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Virtual Driving

Here is a link to a great site that allows you to drive from one place to another; it messes Google Maps etc to create the experience.

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Some useful trivia, following a question from my wife

A road is a one that runs between two given points for example going from one town to another.

A street is within a town, and lined with homes, buildings and is usually a paved street or highway.

A drive is a small road leading upto a private house ( driveway).

An avenue is usually a tree lined street or cobbled street with rows of houses and pavements on either side.

A Way is a minor or smaller street off a road in a town.

A Court is a very short street usually leading to a court of houses in a compound.

A Blvd is a Boulevard is a widen avenue with scenery like trees ,flowers and bushes on both sides and in the center. It is landscaped and scenic. It has also lawn between the walking path on each side and the kerb.

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As a fairly keen iPhone owner, I downloaded the new IOS 7 this morning and wow is it different, from logging in, the Icons and many of the apps have changed appearance.

There are hundreds of changes, of course some only apply if you have a iPhone 5 or better, but many are nice enhancements.

Security as ever is a improvement.

Try it and see

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IP Telephone Systems

Over the last few years we noticed how are telephone costs had gone up line rental in particular; this is true whether it is BT or Virgin. So we looked for alternatives and found Vonage, for a one off fee for a box that plugs into out Internet router and a request to transfer the BT line to Vonage, we removed our whole reliance on the BT line. The telephone plugs into the box and hey presto our calls are now routed via the Internet to us.

The cost is only £6 a month with about an hours outgoing calls. As most of our calls are incoming it is quite a reduction in costs.

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Welcome to Wellis Technology’s new web site.

In line with our ethos on web site design, we are now using the WordPress system to create our web sites. In the past we have written our editors to allow clients to manage the content of their sites. We still support our software but now we are looking to use WordPress to do this.

We can then iether use an off the shelf WordPress theme to show your content or we can write custom pages to display your content.


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