What Will We Be Able To Do

With this new found technology available lets explore some of the things we may be able to do.
The simple things like being able to interface with the internet just by thinking what you want to know. This of course could be going off to a server or to another persons brain to access this information. For example I want to know how to cook the perfect XMAS cake, I could go to the BBC web site or just go to the source and get Delia’s recipe.
I approach my car, there are no longer any keys or remote operated keys, the cars on-board WiFi has interfaced to my brain, recognized me and opened the doors for me. In doing so it has adjusted the diving position (Seat, Mirrors etc) ready for me. The car has also detected that I have had a long lunch or just fallen out of the pub after a heavy drinking session and realizes that I am over the limit; the cars on-computer will disable the engine and telephone a cab to take me home.
I sit at home and decide that I would like to watch ‘Coronation Street’, the Smart TV recognizes this instruction and switches the channel for me, or plans a recording. This would also work even if I was out doing the shopping; I’m in isle 3 getting the Petit Pois and realize I want to record a documentary, the WiFi in the store allows me to send that request to my Smart TV.
I want a hot drink, the kettle checks it has enough water and switches itself on.
A particular work related issue comes up, we can meet but also we can now all directly interface with each other as a group and even those wild idea’s that we would not voice in public can be at least thought. How many other people were thinking the same thing but were afraid to say. This will bring a new art/era of discussion.
Gaming of course will probably be the driver to all of this technology, the ability to directly interface with the virtual characters of a game, no need for a game controller, no RSI etc. The person with the quickest brain may end up being the victor, not the person with the faster fingers.
Education is another area that will be affected, students will have instant access to the whole database of planet Earth, from Wikipedia, current Newspapers to the President of the United States’s brain. ┬áThe information will be as up to date as it possibly can be.
The use by the Military may be controversial, but the ability to remotely control weaponry could keep people out of harms way. Of course like the business meetings above, perhaps this technology could be used to find a place of common ground where war can be avoided.