Concluding Thoughts

I’m writing this before I have completed the main article, because I think that the outcome in inevitable. Mankind is like an unstoppable train; his love for gadgets, the internet and need to push the boundaries are what modern man lives for.
The military and intelligence communities will seize the technology to improve its ability to fight the enemy (whatever and whoever that maybe).
The prospect for scientists; the ability to interact with like and unlike minds to solve problems, allowing questions to be asked that would probably never be spoken and ideas to float freely.
For the gaming community the ability to interface with “The Game” at such an intimate level will be the draw, game feedback may be at such a level that it substitutes for the real thing.
Will people join the Human Collective; probably. To what level the populous want that interface I do not know, I suspect they will rush headlong into it; without thought for all the consequences. Individual communities religious groups, philosophers etc. may find a dedicated Collective more advantageous.
The people that the technology was originally designed for will become a backwater, benefiting from the advances and what it offers, but still a backwater.
Before we get to this state, there will need to be some form of control. This will need to be worldwide, so it would seem to need an organisation like the United Nations. International and Local Cyber laws will need rewriting, new laws creating and every country signing up to these.
What I have shown in this series of articles is no longer science fiction, the technology is available now and the world will need protecting from itself.