The Human Collective

If you read some of my earlier posts; originally published in Visual Systems Journal (VSJ) you will see my thoughts on how technology can assist disabled or impaired people access the Internet and the technology in their own homes.
The technology available has moved dramatically over the last few years and what follows is my thoughts on where this technology will take the human race and the effects it will have on our day-to-day lives.
Let’s be clear here, the technology already exists to allow the whole human race to interface at some level with each other via the internet. Not just with a PC/Tablet/Mobile but direct via implanted or close proximity devices.
What I want to deal with here is fourfold, what technology exists, what needs to be invented, what will we be able to do and the ethics of where this change will take us as a race.
There have been many films, books and TV programmes that have touched on these subjects, The Matrix, Earth Final Conflict, Destination Brain for example, but what I am talking about here is real and available now or already in the minds of the scientists who are developing the next generation of interfaces.
What I am after in these pages is to show what the current state of play is and how we have got there.
If you have any comments on this or want to add a contribution I will open up the articles to allow comments once I have the core of the idea down on this blog.