Ethics for a technology of this importance is surely on a similar line to that of the use/development of the first Atomic Bombs. The scientists involved in the Manhattan project were more interested in the technology than ethics, the military just wanted a way to defeat the Japanese.
When it came down to it; the bombs while dropped, were not actually needed, America was already winning the war and many believe it was more of a show for the benefit of the Russians.
So here we are; a modern  day atom bomb the pin has already been pulled; how will we as a race approach it?
Firstly is the fact that we can do this ethical?
Secondly is the technology ethical?
With a technology that could be either surface contact, embedded, Nano-technology interface or some yet undiscovered electro-magnetic interface it leaves a lot of potential for discussion. The level of interface will probably dictate the usefulness and speed of the technology. So while gamers may getaway with a surface contact helmet, a fighter pilot may not.
Surgery to implant an electronic device will make some squeamish and many doctors see it as taking away valuable time from surgery for other more important medical needs. It also brings in a level of risk that many may not wish to try.
Nano-technology while new may offer a less invasive method to achieve the interface, but being relatively new, we have little track record of its effects and may be quite costly.
Unless we find out why some twins seem to be able to communicate at some level, even when apart; the idea of a technology that would allow some sort of “Physic” interface is still along way off. It would however seem to be a grail that would remove a lot of obstacles.
Lastly is the use of this ethical?
This is different from the first question in that this last question is about its use. Should we deploy the atom bomb?
From previous parts of this article you can see the technology was originally driven by a need to enable those with medical reasons to be empowered. What we now have is a technology that can benefit or detriment the entire planet.