VSJ – September 2003 – Members' News

The Yearbook for 2004
We’re about to start putting together next year’s IAP Yearbook. As usual, we’re looking for contributions in the form of articles likely to appeal to members. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) programming and technology issues, industry trends, continuing education and career development. Also of interest will be general management issues – project or people management, for example. You’ll probably remember that last year’s review had articles on topics as diverse as e-learning, automatically tracking football matches, staff motivation and an innovative business process improvement tool. Their only uniform characteristic was the consistently high standard!
If you’d like to submit an article, ring Kay Stevenson on 01482 602645 or email her at kay.stevenson@kcom.com. Incidentally, if your article is accepted, you’ll be entitled to a discounted advertising rate in the publication.

IAP Provisional Accounts for the year ended 31 May 2003

2003 (£) 2002 (£)


Application Fees and Subscriptions 151,231 195,487
Other Income 29,030 33,137

Total Income

180,261 228,624


Services to Members and Promotional Activities 89,944 110,313
Salaries and Staff Costs 56,387 72,722
Office Overheads and Professional Expenses 37,174 37,966

Total Expenses

183,505 221,001


(3,244) 7,623

Explanatory note: Although the accounts show a deficit for 2003, this is small in the context of the balance sheet reserves. As at 31st May 2003, these were £70,049 while for the previous year they were £73,294.

The New Council

Following this year’s electoral process, Council members and directors of the IAP, as at 1 July 2003, are:
Ken Abraham, Jim Bates (President), Ray Butler, Stephen Cumbers (Vice-president), Gilbert Edlin, John Ellis, Graham Fenton (Treasurer), Philip Hamlyn, Ian Hargrave, Edwin Keen, Scott Levy, Paul Lynham, David Morgan, Selva Naidu and John Weller.

Shields Going Like Hot Cakes

Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but several members have already received their free IAP plaques and have literally nailed their colours to the office wall. A finger wagged, perhaps, to all their colleagues who have not yet signed up.
Seriously though, these plaques do look good. A shield-shaped base in dark wood, about 20cm high, carries a smaller raised replica of the Institution’s Coat of Arms, hand painted in full colour. A top scroll carries the name of the Institution and a bottom scroll the name of the member, hand painted to order. There is no charge – all you have to do is sponsor a friend to join the IAP. Your shield turns up in the post automatically. What could be simpler?
The following members have already earned their shields. Why not join them?
Dane Bradley-Carter                 (sponsored John Makeham)
Barry Everett                         (sponsored Simon Batham)
Donald Frazer                       (sponsored several people)
Neal James                            (sponsored Andrew Featherstone)
Daniel Morris                        (sponsored David Shannon)
[Don’t forget to email eo@iap.org.uk with items of news about you or your company.]

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